Knitting a Chunky Blanket

Hello all! Today I tried my hand at making a chunky blanket! This was sans knitting needles and took just a few hours to make. It would have taken less time, but there was some trial and error involved. Super chunky yarn is hard to find and usually costs an …



So much has changed in my life these past few years, and yet I haven’t done much to update this site. I’ve gotten so much advice in past years on what content to put on my site and how often I should do it. Brand brand brand! Is a type of …

Fashion Dancing Girl

Your Character is too Pretty

Recently, a critique partner expressed her concern that one of my characters might be too pretty to be relatable to the average …

Color pushpins

Picking A Location

Today I found the perfect location for my newest novel, Paradigm. I have been researching places this manuscript could be set in …

Editing block

In An Editing Funk?

It’s been a while since I’ve edited the first draft of a manuscript, and it’s tougher than I remember. I opened the …

Paramour_Mock up_small

Paramour Book Cover

This is a book cover and mock up I designed for my novel Paramour. It was done for personal purposes only. Programs: …

Alaskan Breeze

Alaskan Breeze

Client: Sierra Marketing Company: Alaskan Breeze Programs: Photoshop


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