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Here’s the gist:about me

My name is Robin Pletcher, and no, I did not misspell my last name. I was born in Florida, but currently live in south Texas. I have an addiction to hobbies. It’s a problem really, because I can’t not be doing something. From knitting and soap-making to skateboarding with my dogs and everything in between, there’s little time for sleep. Some of my best memories involve me and my fiance two-stepping. Just so you don’t feel awkward asking, I’ll go ahead and say it—I’m half Filipino, half white.

Professionally, I’m a digital artist. What is that? In a nutshell, it means I produce creative products in almost every way possible. You need an advertisement? You got one. How about website? I do that too. I am also a painter, photographer, graphic designer, videographer, and so much more. I’ve spent a lot of time working in TV, whether it’s making graphics for the news, designing billboards for businesses, or creating commercials. You could say I make my living as a nerd. I like to think of myself as an artistic nomad… but that doesn’t look sincere on a resume.

In short, I’m just another starving artist with a diabetic dog.


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