How to Design an FIFA World Cup Billboard

ABC World Cup Billboard on Billboard

I’ve always designed flyers for my freelance business, but since I’ve started working at channel 3 as a Digital Media Coordinator, I’ve added billboards into the mix. Today, I’ll be showing you how to design a billboard for the ABC World Cup.

The dimensions for the digital billboard I design for are 696×192. But I like to create my billboards at something higher. I work better with larger files, and in case things change in the future it’s good to have something at a higher resolution on hand.

For this tutorial, I’m working at 1200×331 with a 300 resolution. I wouldn’t suggest this tutorial for people who have never used Photoshop before because I’m going to gloss over the easy stuff like how to cut an object out. Sorry newbies!

Step 1:

Add a picture of a stadium to your document, and Gaussian Blur it until it looks like the second pic below. For me the radius was 4.7 pixels.

World Cup Billboard_Step 1

Step 2:

Add your stadium screen to your document. I used the Polygonal Lasso Tool to cut it out, but of course it’s not the only option. It’s not even the fastest option, but it gets me cleaner edges than some of the other tools.

World Cup Billboard_Step 2

Step 3:

To make this design more festive, I added confetti. Using one with a white background will make things a lot easier on you. Set the blending mode for that layer to Darken. Then position them behind the layer with the stadium screen.

On each side I flipped the image so that the thickest part of the confetti was hidden behind the screen. It gives the impression that the confetti cannons are shooting out from the back of the TV. I also made the one on the left a lot smaller.

Note: For a more realistic effect, add a layer mask and remove some of the confetti at the bottom of the image to erase that hard line look.

World Cup Billboard_Step 3

Step 4:

I took tiny flags of the two teams playing against each other and added them in the top right corner of the stadium screen. It’s a little detail, but it’s the small things that help distinguish this billboard from the other game billboards. Ctrl T for the free transform tool.

World Cup Billboard_Step 4

Step 5:

In this step, add a cut out soccer ball, and make it smaller. Then duplicate that layer, and put it behind the original soccer ball layer. Use Motion blur, set the angle to 27 and the distance to 31. Finally, change the opacity on that blurred layer to 75%.

Group those layers that make up this soccer ball in motion, and duplicate the group, and rearrange them around the stadium screen.

World Cup Billboard_Step 5

Step 6:

 Note: I added some logos at the bottom, because most events like this are sponsored. But they change by the end of this tutorial so I’m going to skip speaking about this process.

Now we are going to add the teams playing against each other to the stadium screen. I typed Colombia vs Greece, using Haettenschweiler font, at 25pt, setting the lead to 19pt. Once I made sure the text lined up on each side, I rasterized the layer.

Next, go to Edit >> Transform>> Perspective. Use the transform box to size the words to fit within the screen. Make sure to follow the angle of the screen so it really looks like the text is sitting on the screen.

Duplicate that layer. Go to layer style, and change the Color Overlay to black.

Then drop that layer behind the original white text layer. Using the arrows on your keyboard, move the black colored text layer four to the left and two down. This will add a 3d effect to your text.

World Cup Billboard_Step 6

Step 7:

Add the FIFA World Cup logo. Use a soft white brush to color on a layer behind just the words of the FIFA logo. Change the blending mode to Screen and turn the opacity down to 65%.

World Cup Billboard_Step 7

Step 8:

For this step, I have these circular metal looking buttons. Using the Ellipse Tool, make a circle shape that fits perfectly on the inside of the metal button like the red one in the picture below.

Put your flag on a layer above the circle. Then while holding alt, click between the two layers so that the flag layer is only shown in the shape of the circle.

Go into the red circle’s layer styles. Check Bevel & Emboss. Change the size to 250, so the circle gives off a subtle rounded effect.

Then make a half-moon highlight on a separate layer by using the pen tool and turn the opacity down to 40%.

World Cup Billboard_Step 8

Step 9: 

Add three shapes using the rectangle tool.

First and third rectangles color info #d0de1d. Second rectangle color info #77bb0f. Change the opacity on all rectangles to 75%.

Add game info. Text color info #202020. First text font size 25pt. Tracking -20.

For the rest of the text, use the free transform tool (ctrl T) to make sure the rest of the text starts and stops in the same places as the text in the first box.

World Cup Billboard_Step 9

Step 10: 

For the final touches, I added the ABC logo, changed the station logo, and put a white fade behind the sponsor logo so that it’s easier to read (see Step 7 to add the white fade.

World Cup Billboard_Step 10

I hope this tutorial was helpful. It’s actually my first, so I’m sure I’ll get better with time. Again this tutorial is not for people just starting out on Photoshop. It’s more about learning design through a real life example.

If you would like to purchase one of the .PSD files, send me a message. I will send you a paypal invoice for $20. Once I get confirmation that you paid, I will email you the file 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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