Nerium International at IOTA Brew Cafe

Nerium International

Nerium International hosts marketing parties to invite people to become part of their team to sell their skincare product. This is another flyer I designed for them to encourage people to attend a Real Results event at IOTA Bar.

The client asked for something different from the original flyer I designed for them. They wanted to go with the IOTA Brew Cafe logo colors, without the design being too “girly.”

In terms of focus, they wanted the words “Learn how to get paid representing the fastest growing skincare company in America” to really set the stage of the theme for the flyer.

Nerium is featured in the Oscars, Emmys, CBS News, the Doctors, the View & more. Including those logos rather than simply writing out the names really makes a bigger impact on viewers because people recognize those big names of the entertainment industry.

Again they did not have me include a specific date, which would lead me to believe this party was part of a reoccurring event. The only reason I know they wouldn’t be reusing this flyer is because they had me include three guest appearances from Freddy Smith & Molly Burnett from Days of Our Lives, Mike Shouhed from Shahs of Sunset.

This flyer is much more image heavy than I usually design, but the images have purpose. While the text is minimal, it is clear and effective.

Client: Nerium International 
Program: Photoshop

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