Nerium International Market Party

Nerium International

Nerium International uses contrasting colors to brand their skincare product with a sense of serenity and vitality. I designed this eye-catching flyer to encourage people to attend a Real Results Market Party at IOTA Bar.

Real Results Corporate Flyer

Real Results Corporate Flyer
(not my design)

The client wanted something with a similar style to their corporate flyer (shown on the right), yet still different enough to stand out. I was to incorporate the charcoal-ish gray and bluish colors of their website, while throwing in some orange.

This is actually the second version of this flyer. On the first flyer, the event was held on a different day of the week, and at a different location. The only slightly major change was in color.

Originally, the background of the flyer was the dull blue color from the website with highlights of orange. But this flyer isn’t about selling the product, it’s about enticing people to attend this marketing event, which is why I choose more vibrant versions of the colors from their website.

I believe this party was part of a weekly event because they did not have me include a specific date. But I did include registration and presentation times, as well as the cost of the event and its location.

I also needed to feature guest speaker and National Marketing Director, Oliver Marshak. This flyer is a prime example of how to accentuate a person without overpowering the design or taking attention away from the message.

This flyer is not loaded down with information which is ideal. It gets straight to the point, ensuring the message is clear. Because of that I was able to use the space to display the information in a more dynamic way.

Client: Nerium International
Program: Photoshop

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