Should I write what I like? Or what’s trending??

Sorry I haven’t been posting. A little over two weeks ago I ended up in the emergency room with a kidney stone (worst pain of my life). Afterwards I had edits to take care of.

Often my progress gets me pumped, which leads to some really fun conversations with fellow writers.Should I write what I like? Or what’s trending??

In fact, a few weeks ago, I got this question from a fellow writer, “Should I write what I like, or what’s trending?”

Honestly, it baffled me. I find it difficult to answer writing questions because what works for me might not work for other people.

I always write what I like. If I didn’t I would have a hard time finishing projects—especially since I’m a fast drafter. In my opinion, there is a certain level of enthusiasm a person must have to fast draft. When I’m missing passion for my WIP, the words just don’t flow and fast drafting becomes staring-at-that-blinking-cursor. Even the words I do manage to get out are usually stale.

That rule should probably apply to people who don’t fast draft as well.

How can you write a book if it’s something you have no interest in writing?

I wouldn’t want to read a young adult book written by someone who never reads young adult books. More often than not they don’t know what those books should be like. They might not have the right style or voice. They gloss over issues that seem unimportant to an adult, but are monumental to a teen.

While writing is a business and I do keep an eye on what’s trending, it’s important to keep in mind that even if you spot a trend by the time you’ve written that book and gotten it submission-ready, the writing world will probably have moved on to the next big thing.

Study your genre, be aware of the writing industry from a business aspect so that you can learn why certain genres became popular in the first place, but write what you like. Readers, agents, and editors become passionate about projects that writers are passionate about.

Remember, it’s called creative writing.

How would you have answered this writer’s question?

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