To write, or not to write…

That seems to be the question when I’m sick. To Write or not to WriteI wish, for once, my immune would be on my side! I’m sick a lot. So much in fact that it’s odd for people to hear my voice when it’s not raspy and smothered in coughs.

That’s being said, if I stopped writing or editing every time I was under the weather, I would never get anything done. So…

If possible:

  1. Get your writing done in the morning

My body and mind are drained by the end of the day, especially if I didn’t call in to work. That’s why if I can find time earlier in the day to write, then I do. Take advantage of your most productive sick hours!

  1. Skip to that writing gem

If you’ve got at least one of those golden scenes in your manuscript that you’re absolutely looking forward to writing/editing, this may be the time to skip ahead to said chapter. Being pumped will help you meet your word goal for the day and hopefully get your mind off those pesky body aches.

  1. Take lots of breaks

On days when I’m sick my brain works better in short bursts, so I write from my laptop on my bed. That way if I need a break, I can lean back against the pillows and unmute the TV.

  1. Use it

If one of your characters gets sick or is dying, and you happen to feel like you’re sick and dying, use it. For instance, right now I have a migraine (on top of a viral infection), so if one of my characters were to get thrown into a wall and knocked unconscious, I might have a vague idea of how his/her head would feel once he/she came to.

  1. Cut your goal in half

While I tend to be a stickler when it comes to my writing/editing goals, it’s important to know your limits. I always start my day with the intentions of meeting my goal. But if the day is coming to a close and so are my eyes, then I don’t beat myself up for missing my mark.

In conclusion, I’m sure there are more things I could add to the list, but I’ll have to save them for a day when I’m less sick. After all, I’ve got writing to do! Have tricks that get you writing on your worst health day? I’d love to hear them!

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