So much has changed in my life these past few years, and yet I haven’t done much to update this site. I’ve gotten so much advice in past years on what content to put on my site and how often I should do it. Brand brand brand! Is a type of cereal, I say. But to those giving advice, it was the type of material I should be writing in order to sell myself, my books, my graphic design, my art. All of which resulted in me not writing anything at all. It was overwhelming, and even though this was my site, I was bound to do it wrong. The problem is, I do too many things to focus a site named after myself on just one thing.

Enough is enough. This site has my name, or should I say my maiden name, so it should represent me! From now on, I will be blogging about who I am. And who I am right now is a work at home mom (WAHM).

F0D79DC0-8347-43F1-8EBB-91CF59727925I had my son in March 2017, while I was working full time as a teacher, and the moment I met him I knew deep down that I couldn’t go back to work, at least, not yet. My husband and I discussed me staying at home, and even though we didn’t have a solid plan, he knew we could do it. He knew I could do it.

You see, this is not the first time I’ve worked from home, though I wasn’t a mother the first time I entered the world of contract work.

In the past, I used sites like fiverr to scrounge up freelance graphic design work, pulled clients through networking on Facebook, and sold paintings at Artwalks and festivals. I assumed I could just jump back into that world and it turned out to be much harder than I imagined.

I live in a new town with few resources and even fewer contacts. It was a struggle and there were many nights of crying over my son’s sleeping body.

But I prayed. And I continued to look. And I prayed some more.

I sold some lesson plans on teachers pay teachers, but the pay wasn’t enough. I substituted, but I just wasn’t getting work because the one school district in my town already had their regulars. I set up shop again at fiverr and got some graphic design work, but there are more established designers on the site now, and I’d been away too long.

Finally, I found VIPKID. It’s a company that pays people with college degrees to teach students in China how to speak English. And I gotta say, it’s awesome! I only work a couple hours a day, and I get to be home with my son. I won’t get rich, but my life is rich.

I now have the free time to write my novels, work with my critique partner, sew cloth diapers, knit chunky blankets, paint, read, and travel. But most importantly, I get to be with my boy.

So, I will be using this site to write about all of those things. To show who I am, to document my life, and hopefully, to give other mom’s ideas on how to be work at home moms. Because that’s who I am: a mom who figured it out 🙂



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